If You Are Over The Age Of 25

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If you’re over the age of twenty five there really shouldn’t be anymore excuses that come from you.
We do mean excuses. The worst is when grown folks continue to make the same argument about the man holding them down, that big brother is watching, life is unfair. All this dialogue is damaging. It is damaging to you and the people you tell these things to.

We have tremendous power in our words. Therefore, it is best we choose them wisely. If we are too positive for some people then that is a terrible thing. What that tells us is that who ever is saying or thinking these thoughts are seriously hurting. They are not getting the right amount of love in their life and feel that when that love finally appears it is undeserving and too much to handle.

Don’t misunderstand the message we are saying here. We are not preaching for a world where everything is all sunshine and bubble gum.
We are not saying don’t ever feel badly about an outcome, or feel sad or unhappy in anyway.
What we are saying is don’t dwell on the negatives and don’t make your narrative a run on melancholy of despair and whoa is me. Haven’t you noticed that all that keeps bringing you is more melancholy and whoa is me?
So why not try something different?

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