Why Is Marketing Just As Important As Human Resources?

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Learning about Human Resource Management has allowed us to get a better understanding about branding and marketing.
In Human Resource Management, branding is important for the company because it highlights the qualities that will either, make the recruitment process easy or very difficult for the Human Resource department.
A company that has a very strong brand and presence doesn’t need to do much to attract top clients or candidates.

Let us take Google for example. Google has built a reputation of being one of the worlds leading tech company to work with and work for. With over 3000 resumes being submitted daily and with one in every 5 searches being made online is through the Google search engine, it is safe to say that this company is well liked and well known.

How did Google establish such a presence?

When we take a look at the company it can easily be summed up that a lot of hard work went into developing and acquiring the products and the services Google possess.
And on the surface of it all is a simplicity that executes and achieves results. Are you looking for answers? Google it. Are you looking for directions? Google it. Are you looking for a mail order bride…?  You guessed it, Google doesn’t do that, but if it did it would be the best at it.
The Alphabet company made sure that its employees were well taken care of. With state of the art facilities, a relatable work to life balance and an employee ownership program that quickly saw Google janitors become overnight millionaires. This all played a pivotal part in solidifying the Google brand.

  • Easy to use products and service
  • Fun place to work
  • Make lots of money

What other ingredients for sucess do you really need?

So, why is marketing just as important as human resources?

Well, the truth is, without the right marketing strategy, no one will know about the excellent services or products a company provides.

The facts are:

You need a sound strategy that aligns the companies vision with its mission. Furthermore, the incumbents that are operating within the organization need to be on the same page.

How you present yourself as an organization, matters. What do you stand for? What initiatives do you follow? What opinions do you have about current and future state of affairs?

Taking these factors into account will ensure that you continue to bring value to your clients and customers.

Do you agree?

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