Why Should We Become Vegans?

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Listen to me Veg.

In this video, I talk about a delicious vegan pizza and bread with one of the founder of Mayse Bakery, in Hong Kong.

Elie, breaks down the science behind bread dough and discusses the benefits of vegan bread.

Have you had vegan sourdough bread?

Mayse Artisan Bakery Vegan Pizza


    1. Raw vegan sounds like an epic challenge. We commend you for the strength and willingness to embark on that journey.
      How strict are you with your raw diet? If you are ever in Hong Kong we recommend you check out the bakery.

      1. I used to be more strict and just consume raw organic fruits and veggies and that was the best but then something happened in my life and now I am eating some things people considered raw but I dont like dehydrated dates and seaweeds. They are considered raw because the way they have been processed allowed them to keep their nutrients and have the enzymes preserved but after trying both sides I believe raw fruits and veggies were way better than anything dehydrated. But I found that I have to transition just like how I did from animal meats to veganism rather than going cold turkey because eating raw and cooked food are very different and the change is too much for the body to handle to go from absolutely cooked to absolutely raw. If you ever wanna to try make sure to transition as well lol I have been to HK and maybe I will stay there again for some time! Thank you so much for the recommendation! Have a wonderful day!

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