Wanderer A Traveling Man

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My mind wanders
A journey of a thousand souls that roam.

I remember the Rome
Colossiums and chapel domes.

It was not that long ago

Why do I feel like it has been centuries?

Centuries that eventually venture free into eternity. Eternity enters the need to endure the pleas of the infirmary. I am branded an outsider Walking my minds streets alone… Thinking… Feeling… Lost in a pathfinder. Uncontrolable emotions have me swerving out of the traffic of impulsive commotion… I am crashed in a ditch. My fans think I’ve got a basket of tricks Underestimating that I am all bashful and things. All I ever wanted, I ended up a backseat boy in my own life vehicle driving miss Daisy in a taxi, boy with Robert DiNero. Starring at my own reflection like, you’re all I ever needed. Are you talking to me? All of a sudden I am feeling like a raging bull. My sign is a Taurus so it has to make sense. The magnetic fields that pull will only connect to those that respect the true laws of gravity… It doesn’t exist I’m telling you this because I have wandered the myths, the legends and pits and the truth that I have uncovered is this…

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