Dear White People Enough Is Enough

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In this video, you will witness a man being handled aggressively by the police. We do not know the reason behind the incident, and that is not what is truly affecting us.

What is making us feeling strong emotion are the words that the man in question is saying during the struggle. Listen carefully and you will hear him utter the words of acknowledgment towards the mistreatment of dark-skinned citizens of African descent.

You’re treating me like a BLACK person.


This is evidence of the facts that people of this world are aware that dark-skinned individuals ARE being treated unjustly. This is known and yet, what is being done about it?

Dr. Umar Johnson and Minister Louis Farrakhan have both spoken to how the police treat other members of the civilized world much differently than they do those of the African community. They have highlighted the facts that members of the Asian, Arabic, and Caucasian communities do not get as heavily persecuted or harassed as much as the African communities. Both, Dr. Umar Johnson and Minister Farrakhan have stated the reason as to why this disparity occurs.

Minister Farrakhan has shared his opinion and facts about the way the African communities are not reaching the apex of financial success. He continues by sharing the facts on how many times money circulates within other racial communities before it leaves. Thereby, highlighting the means to achieve success for the African communities.

Are the African communities in America, Canada, and Europe listening?

The members of the Asian, Arabic, and Caucasian communities do not get as heavily persecuted or harassed because the governments know that if any one of their people were to be mistreated, the nation would band together to show their outrage.


African people of the world, dark-skinned people who have been mistreated simply because of the colour of your skin, If you take anything away from reading this, let it be this… coming together to defend those who have the same complexion as you is the most important thing in order to initiate the change. Coming together and unifying as one. Building business and supporting those businesses within the communities that we live in. All these actions will be the steps in the right direction.

What would the world be like if all the Africans around the world decided to go back to Africa with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they have learned, and build an economically sustainable country based off of the resources that the country has and that the people have gained?

We’ll leave that with you to think about.

One love, ya’ll

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