A Poem Written By Nick Taylor

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For rillz… I be slaying ethnic pissed ethnicist with a single freckle, beauty or birthmark on an embryo to see them grow into the hue that stretched humanly true as they grew in their moms womb before their human hue was viewed truly through you.

What do you see?

It’s heavy on my heart to hue what’s humanly possible for hue and I, with embryonic live views, to see humanity run with hues like running with bulls steering moral theory through logic of truth boosting roots prooving a beautiful hue came before a man assumed doom.

Photo of Actor Ryan Rosery


  1. If you take another persons path instead of your own , you will end up at another persons destination instead of your own …. view of a hue sown embryo grown to stretch humanly true as you grew in ya moms womb before becoming the human viewed truly as the fine hue with a clue from learned roots that boosted hue truth.

    We do what we do
    with a hue, man.


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