A Poem Written By Benjamin Davis

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I AM HIS Dream Fulfilled  
Martin Luther King Once Said I Have A Dream 
That WAS ON August 28TH, 1963 
BUT Little DID HE Know That When HE Spoke Those Four Worlds 
HE Would BE Changing THE World’S History. 
IN THE 50S AND 60S, THE World Started TO Change 
Things Were Moving AT A Much Faster Pace 
NEW Pressures Were PUT ON Peoples Allover THE World 
Especially THE African American Race. 
Blacks Were Spat ON, Beaten, AND Hanged Back Then 
They DID NOT Have THE Same Privileges AS Whites 
They Were Treated Like Animals Instead OF Women AND MEN 
AND HAD Almost NO Constitutional Rights. 
However GOD UP High Heard Their Terrible CRY 
AND Chose TO PUT AN END TO Their Suffering 
HE Sent Some Soldiers TO Stand UP FOR HIS People 
ONE OF These WAS DR Martin Luther King. 
HE WAS A Powerful MAN BUT HE Preached Nonviolence 
YOU CAN’T Stop Hatred With Hatred, HE Would SAY 
WE AS A People Will GET TO THE Promise Land 
HE Stood Fearlessly Before HIS Oppressors 
HE HAD A Powerful YET Intellectual Voice 
HE Didn’T ARM Himself NOR Hide FOR Protection 
Because HIS Faith WAS HIS Weapon OF Choice. 
HIS Enemies AND Oppressors DID Fear HIM 
They Couldn’T Wait TO SEE HIM Dead AND Gone 
Thus HE Fell Like SO Many Soldiers Before HIM 
BUT NOT Before HIS Seed HAD Been Sown. 
HIS Words Reached THE Darkest Parts OF This Country 
AND HAD White America Seeing IN A Brand NEW WAY 
HE Said LET Freedom Ring ALL Over This World 
AND That Freedom IS Still Ringing Today. 
WE Still Have A Long WAY TO GO Brothers AND Sisters 
Before WE’VE Reached Total Human Equality 
BUT I Thank GOD Almighty FOR DR Martin Luther King 
AND That WE’RE NOT Where WE Used TO BE. 
Today There ARE More Soldiers Fighting FOR US 
Shinning Light ON Those Oppressors WHO Hide 
AND Regardless OF What OUR Status IN This World MAY BE 
WE ARE Each AND Everyone Filled With Pride. 
I Often Think Back ON THE Words OF DR King 
They Murdered THE MAN, BUT HIS Dream WAS NOT Killed 
Because OF This I’VE Learned TO Take Nothing FOR Granted 
FOR I Know That I AM HIS Dream Fulfilled. 
BY Benjamin M Davis 

© theprinceofpoetr – all rights reserved

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