Do You Want To Build Wealth And Increase The Amount Of Your Bank Account?

What can you do to help you achieve financial freedom and build wealth?
There are few things that you can focus on when it comes to building wealth and eliminating debt to ultimately dissolve the poverty cycle.

If you grew up in an environment where you heard such content like
“We don’t have enough money”
“We are poor”
“We can’t afford it”

You probably developed a complex that made you think you were poor and that you have no choice but to continue in that manner even as an adult. These words can be very detrimental to many youths growing up in such an environment. What you need to understand as a youth, is that this doesn’t have to be something that stays true for you and your future.

1. What you want to do if you are a parent and if you want to aid in dissolving the poor me mentality; or anyone that wants aid in dissolving the poverty cycle. The kind of language you should be promoting revolves around finding ways to attain the required assets​ or ​find ways to attain the necessary money needed to achieve results.

2. Another thing that can be done is not giving in to instant gratification but​ thinking in terms of future. So Thinking long-term​. Thinking long term allows you to build a steady amount of wealth over time​. One thing​ is definitely true ​when you buy things on impulse that you don’t need, you end up having to sell​ things you need in order to pay off the ​debt you have accumulated through impulsive purchases.

3. And essentially understanding what it means to pay yourself first.
Understanding this will allow for you to ultimately start putting down the bricks that will help you pave the road to financial freedom. Paying yourself first will allow you to do this.

The more families decide to have conversations that involve wealth building and
the more families focus on ways to attain the money to achieve results will allow there to be an opportunity and the ability to remove yourself from the poverty cycle.

Being a resident of a home, where the common language was
“We are poor”
“We can’t afford it”
“We don’t have enough money”

I had to learn quickly, however, I personally think I didn’t learn quick enough; it took me a while before I began to realize. It took me discovering various resources and various books before I could actually get a better understanding towards building wealth.

Do you want to build wealth, increase your savings and provide for your family?

Living well below your means will allow you to allocate the finances and funds towards any financial obligations you may have.
This requires a lot of discipline, a lot of patience​, and this requires time management and money management skills. This isn’t something that will happen overnight, it’s something that will happen constantly as you make it part of your lifestyle and have clear priority goals.

Understanding this ​​will definitely help you pave the road towards financial freedom ​and long-term​ wealth building.

Don’t fall victim to the get rich quick schemes. Your intention and your values should orbit around longevity, the future, and ​leaving a legacy rather than succumbing to the impulses of instant gratification.

Are you in it for the micro​ sprint and win, or are you in it for the macro marathon?

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Stay focused my friends.

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