To mySelf

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Sitting here,

Trying my best not to think of you.

But all I seem to do, is…

     “Wait, think of something else… How’s my attitude…? I wish I were a better person… Should I cut my hair…?”

Think of you, thinking of me. Wondering if, you’re missing me,

like I’m missing…

       “A part of me, wonders if… Could this all be a bad…? Why is this happening to…?”


Should know, your happiness is all that matters to…

 ” does he love you, like…? We were happy… Did you ever really love…?”


I can’t stop thinking…

I won’t…

It’s too late… I’m too far gone.
Searching for a higher vibration, letting go of this past life…
Following the course each day brings

Lost in my chaotic vice.

Weapons Of Self-Destruction



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