No Boundaries

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Sea saw, She’s raw.

Real Love!
No boundaries,

Say it!

Step stones lead hopeless Romans, from the moments.
They’re just playing.
The music’s low their spirits high, she thinks he’s fly.
He’s sedated…
Sly like Satan, pure like Saints,

God, save them!
They will never be the same again —
that’s the pain of love

The price it cost?

their souls lost.

Black holes and Moss.
From the moment of Frost,
cold hearts get soft.
Hard acid
Black and Ivory caskets

Tear stained face,
Mask it, that’s it,

Shaded from the nameless.

No traces of the maidens.
The scribes write
what the sages created

The muse is the music
The mood is the clue in.
Oooo baby, ooo baby,

I’m in love


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