I Am Infatuated

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I am completely infatuated with her,
dark blue,

She reminds me of the eternal blackness,
Before the spark of radiant orange and white lights.
The darkness,
before life.

I am infatuated with her,
The dark blue,
steel of her lips.

The tender caresses of her finger tips,
Grazing my cheeks delicately as I sleep.

She’s patiently waiting for me,
I desperately want to come home to her.

A sudden shudder in the quiet of the night,
As she kisses my forehead tenderly,
whispering – not yet my love.

I am infatuated with her,
Strong grasp of her gentle arms.
Cradling my lifeless body

Sweet princess,
how I am so infatuated with you.
Save me that dance of eternity,
when we meet again.

The Birth That We Call Death

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