A Death On China’s Railroad

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He was alone,
When it happened.
The accident, claimed an innocent life.
It was said there were innocence cries.

But it was only him that died.

He was on his way to Ganzhou from Shenzhen. There were many letters

in his note book,

describing the pain from a relationship just ended.

The way he wrote, you could tell he was happy though.
You could tell that he loved her so.
So much, passion, with a touch of lust.

He wanted to give it to her, but it wasn’t enough.
It seemed that she wanted too much, she revealed, she had another crush.

In his note book,

he wrote how he wanted to leave, but he wanted to be something different indeed.
He needed to stay, he needed to be brave, because he knew this one, she wasn’t the same.

But it was so close to Valentine’s Day,
Even though what he felt, wasn’t pain, he could only describe it that way.

That’s why on that faithful morning, he got on that train.
The ride would be the end of his days.

That ride was the punctuation as to why he should have stayed.

A man died on China’s train.

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