A Mother’s Day

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A Mother’s day is not just one.
From the day we were born her work begun.

Thank you for your gentle hands and warm embrace, your lessons on kindness on wisdom and grace.

We celebrate you and all the mothers indeed because without you there would be no me. There would be no them, there would be no us.

How can we express? “We love you very much”

A Mother’s day is not just one.
We should celebrate this day with each rising Sun. We should celebrate with each ray from the moon because with a mothers love we have learned what to do.

Each day we consume let’s remember the rules, love isn’t a word but the things which we do. Actions speak volumes that peak. Love is the same, but each one is unique.

Advantage and vanquish the notion of words. Advance and let’s dance on an emotional course. If love is a verb in what way would you express it in this verse?

A love so pure with unconditional views. It’s not what you say but all the things that you do. All the things you have been through are the things that make you. All the things you have been through are the reasons I love you.

I do believe these words are still not enough, but I dedicate this to you as my I love you so much.

My mother
My partner
My daughter
My sister

My neighbor
My friend
My acquaintance

Your visitor

I dedicate this to you all and wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day

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