Broken Pieces

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Pieces of yesterday float in tomorrow.
My tomorrow is today!
Mothers still cry from sorrow
for what some fathers have said.

My compassion has fled.
My morals have shed,
I am the all-seeing everlasting dread.

These are just random thoughts,
from the pieces in my head.
Pieces of me are missing the pieces of you.
We put them together and it all seems brand new.

The plans loom
from the quicksands doom.
Lost in a world where the strongest are in rule.

The wicked still sway,
swindling mind tricks that corrupt and decay.
My mural has been shattered to pieces,
But I still refuse to conceit to what defeat is.

Therefore my imagination releases,
the beast that will set me free.
One day your hero could be me.

One day someone will finish what I have started.
No more broken pieces!

Time Pieces

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