The Devil On My Shoulder

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The Devil on my shoulder,
Whispers sweet lullabies.


Sour, bitter taste.

The Devil on my shoulder,
Speaks to me,
Promising to set me free.

showing right from wrong.

Follow your instincts

The Devil says with a song,
twisting me,
turning me…

I move so gracefully on the dance floor…

She is impressed,
but I must digress.

If she knew the Devil and I were infused,
I guarantee this dance she would have refused,

I must say the Devil does have some wicked moves.

The Devil on my Shoulder,
Once a monkey on my back
Learned how to attack,

My ego,
My heart,
My soul.

As I lay me down to sleep
The Devil creeps,

I am out of control…

I need to become illuminated.

The Devil On My Shoulders

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