We Don’t Have Tomorrow

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You never left me,
not even for a second.
After the disfunction and chaos,
the destruction that made off.
Was made of,
was based on…

My heart beats thinking about you,
I’ve been thinking about the
wondering if I could change back time.
Wondering what it would be like,
if we could take time…

You never left me,
not even for a second.
Our destiny was captured in a moment,
bottled up in a tube,
sent hurdling into space.
Now caught in an intricate web.
So you see,
we are still connected.
And my memories are fantasies that have become an obsession.
Drawn to your very core,
your gravity,
it pours and pulls my vortex.

The noise,
my insides clamour,
the fibres of existence weave a dark matter.
Aching to be set free.
My alternate self staring at me,
the day you met me…

I was,
I am,
I don’t know.
I close my eyes,
there’s only today,
we don’t have tomorrow.


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