Self Portrait

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I am…
contemplating the movement called life.
Covered in lights,
I am…
shades conscience of rays,
the array.

The self-portrait​ that claims it is the reflection made in thy image.

I am…
Pain in the instant,
creased in the wrinkles.
Covered in the canvas,
let’s call it ​space.

Let’s call the moments we pass by each other, fate.

I am…
Waiting for you to tell me you have seen my face.
Introduce myself.
Please tell me you recognize my name.

I am…
Keeping my cool,
but I don’t know if I can keep this,
Charade up much longer.

Self-portraits of a man I don’t recognize

I am…
Running from someone who sleeps when I sleep,
weeps when I weep,
​and eats the hearts of anyone.
Brave enough to get close?

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