The World Inside my Head Pt.1

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I run to escape my dreams,
thoughts pace through quick haste
faced to deliver.
Caught in a glass jar
Sand scripts,
hourglass trips sinking the mirage.

Unlimited. I remix my projects,
so far gone
there has to be a pro to this logic.
Toronto’s po-it.
It’s the return of the murderous words slayer.
Action nouns, verb negotiator.
It seems that the cause is an eternal bliss
Counteract​ the vantage point
and taste what the ink spits.

I run to escape my words.
I’m cursed to be loved by my enemies
a frail being.
Harmless like a shadow
when the light is high,
I pose no threat at night I run and hide.
Unfazed to battle my wit
I’m a deranged socio
a fraud to all my witness.

The limelight​​
cover-up​ to all my addictions.
I love to sit and dream of you and me,
Together endlessly.
My status cannot be flawed,
every camera flash to catch my honest
Smile to hide the fact,
trust is weak like a failing cardiac
so I trust my poems to speak.

Speech I create this escape
I don’t force you to listen.
But read the course of my profane condition.
Ordain the right to execute,
emotions bottle up,
caged to morph the rough days
that end my night​ terrors.

I rule my domain
chained and shackled.
No flashing lights,
trapped in a dark cave.
My mind is numb to the pain.
Scorched within
no limitations to the force of grim,
I’m forced to trim,
censored by the cause.
I pray that I’ve lost my limbs,
I excuse the worst within.

Failed my Successor’s,
time stands still with ill fate
stay covered in filth.
Truth lies dormant,
But even milk is skimmed
I wish not to dilute I choose to change,
ready to face any reaction.
This course I take to succeed
to my own satisfaction.

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