She is…( smarter than you think )

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This morning she woke, she was happy.
I could feel it from so far away.
Her lover whispers good morning, she smiles.

Shower runs.
Thoughts rush in and out…
is this love?

She feels, nothing.
These are sweet lullabies,
her dreams are monstrous.
But still, she will never cry.
She will never let her pride slide.

Makes me love her more!
I hate myself for letting her go.
I hate ignoring my phone when she calls…
I know I love you because it hurts…
And your embrace will surely kill me more.

Shower runs.
Her lover enters.

She is…
These are just fairy tales.
When lover touches she shutters.
She is wet.

I’m in a lustful Jealous rage!
I hear her moans as she bathes,
yet I’m still so far away.
I feel her in my soul, it’s a shame I let her go.

Shower stops.
lover is aroused.

She is…
Don’t be fooled by what she is.
Love is words, adoration is action.
A passionate​ kiss

My heart is put together
as I​ look through steam stained windows.
I’m awake from the dead​.
As I​ see them engage chest to chest.

Her eyes close.
It doesn’t take much for him to enter deep.
She gasps,
in hands, grip the sheets.
Lover feels pleasure as her tender leaks,
love ecstasy.

She is…
not in love.
But her lust is far more powerful than any.
And before she climaxes​
turns her eyes to lock on
mine steady.
A mischievous grin forms across her chin.
Satisfied with the thought of such wit.

She winks and mouths HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

I am whole again

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  1. the writer see his lover and hears the lies they speak to them… the lover says one thing but the opposite always seems to appear…
    it made it easy for the writer to let the emotions flow.

    Glad you read and Glad your emotions matched that of the writer.

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