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See the world from a place beyond the known
Light years travel along a celestial plain

Burn ultraviolet with strays of aqua blue
I see you…

The universe has so much more meaning now
Far apart your mind connects with mine
I feel when your heart smiles

My walks along the edge of the world
I see moments that last a lifetime​

In your eyes I use the hue to wash away my strain
Satisfied I am happy to know you

suspended in zero gravity
floating, the feeling is unexplained

Strange before we met I had never heard your name
but knew it was you all these years

I get a chance to do it again this lifetime​

you can be by my waist-side and I will never let you go
Brush the tears away from face when your spirit feels the woe

The snow never falls when we are apart,
with no moment of heated passion, ​
we keep the fridge’d hearts

Release the moments when we soon embrace,
and exhale the north winds and soon see flakes

A Kiss from the sun to the moon
Can’t escape this fate
my soul belongs us two

Books I would read… someday

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