Live Today Like You Mean It

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Today was
Like any other day.
I wake to find myself far away.
I am so amazed at each face that comes along my way,
But most of all I’m captivated at bay.
From the words, ​people use to display.
My actions they may,
as it is lead by the experience of yesterday.
Still, hold true my emotions for you.
Don’t mistake the two,
Or be confused by the news.
I choose to love,
because you refuse to renew.
Change ways of the mule,
Forgive me for being rude,
but deception doesn’t suit.
The few who know the abuse the heart puts them through,
But I do thank you for showing the face behind the mask.
Revealing the ivy on your tongue,
because of ​mishaps​ of the past.
It’s hard to uncover the truth of the past
If the one you entertain means to ​play,
Yet ghost of eternity was a gas.
If I could have it all,
I would change your name to the gemstone​e that you are.

Coal with a black heart,
Close your eyes but open your mind,
As the dual meanings hold the love that is blind.
So each night I close my eyes,
Lay me to rest, call out your name with each beat of my chest.
And when the sun doesn’t shine,

It’s still bright with you in my head
It’s sad​ to let go to see the events unfold, so
Yesterday was sold to the highest bidder with gold
I slept cold, but for the first time I awoke and remembered what
Today was.

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