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My Heart and my mind lead two different lives.
One is pure, the other is pride.
My heart and my mind they’re vivid, they’re divine.
Such a shame they don’t intertwine.

Why I do not decide to live away from the time
when I loved the black raven and became lost in the lies.
My pain is painted streaks stain my black cheeks.
My reflection is mirrored by her face that red rose peaks.

Her satin gown, her wrinkled brow,
her pine and essence on this given vow.
My life has changed now that you have been in it.
When I cry the world it shakes.

If you only knew the pain that reigns,
if you knew my heart it would set me free.
I write my thoughts in poetry.
Woe is he beneath them all, a
s moments pass and we begin to stall.

If you only knew the pain for you,
you’d savor​ news that caters​ to the faithful muse.
Love eternal…

The grave will do​​

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