Let It Be

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I want to write –

Imagine what words could teach.
Emotions painted on the canvas we dream, 
to make my thoughts be seen to whoever should read.

Whoever could be  –

A mysterious creed,
the stranger from above the dangers we fiend.
For just one moment I connect my mean,
questions succeed, 
I let me be seen behind the curtains seem.

A shadow mystique forever to beams.

I want to write – 

I​ want to be free from the decaying flesh,
that surrenders my soul my thoughts are a prison, ​
a Creatures rest home. 
I​ have caged​ a beast in rest form,
I​ unleash my disease and my strength unfolds.

I​ scream a  passionate cry … 
it seems I​ feed,
I hunger for the rest of my life
that I​ may simply…

let it be​

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