As It Is In Heaven, Thy Kingdom​ Come.

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The echo stirs,
the cavern creeps.
Drip… Drip… Drip.

The sound of water drowns the stream.

The entrance bathes the Ocean sheets,
Bed the nest to rest in,
the birth of sleep.

Surround my body, surrender my dreams.

Life so precious escapes redundancy,
never-ending slave the cycle of hell,
the perpetual​ pain I mock the willing champion to the weak.

Save yourself before you rescue me.

Steadfast! On a journey that I cannot see,
blind rage give me endless grief,
Mind inflamed I burn the beast.

Days of thunder.

Flesh decay and crumble a new day is born,
filled with joy remain so humble,
Vanity whispers the words​ of calamity.

The brave stay in vain.

Martyrs embrace their fate,
ascension to Heaven awaits its first son,
born a king, thy kingdom come.

Your father my teacher.

Imperial one,
as it is in heaven
so let it be done​​​.

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