Is He Malevolent​?

O brother where art thou?
How long has it been?
I remember how fond our kinship,
and now my anger keeps us distant.

O brother how I loved thee,
how I adored you more than me.
We were to last an eternity,
but now we are mortal enemies.

O brother why have you forsaken me?
Why do you not love me as I love thee?
Why must I weep and dream of you embracing me?

O brother where art thou?
Many times I think of you,
how young we were when our friendship grew.

It’s​ sad to see how we can’t make it through,
when times are tough​ and we don’t talk,
I reflect on what I had and lost.

One day I know this is true,
we’ll become friends again because
I love you,
my dear brother.

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