Shades of Roses

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The rays of the Sun in the early morning
make the blue skies seem cool and relaxed,
in a tranquil state, the mind does not move.

The green meadows and soft pastures
become my canvas where I lay to rest.
I am covered by brown shadows dancing across the horizons chest.

Encased by the foliage in a unique melodic
peace the sweet smell of fresh dew
rises from underneath my bare feet

Feel the silver wind as it blows out of the mountains
stay free to wonder how the roses indeed will turn out.

The gardener loves his beautiful patch,
waiting patiently for his buds to blossom.

Afternoon Sun, it burns still bright.
The yellow rays have suddenly become pure white,
the transition is made now blue skies become grey.

Still, beauty holds.
The clouds begin to speak
a​ foreign language that is tender and sleek.

One friend cracks a whip and the sky begins to weep,
place my head to face the heavens to feel a million beads,
tickle my face open hearts engulfed the sparks the night sky remains.

This is the moment of peace,
this is the moment we need,
wash away my yesterdays and bring me somewhere free.

The orange glow from the setting Sun roams​ the horizon.
Sun knows its destiny and what’s destined to be,
an eventful night of sleep.

You’ll be delightfully pleased with​ the outcome it breeds.

The metallic shades in darkness,
it​ bathes the swiftness of​ chill from the body
escapes​ a sensational thrill comes midnight distilled.

The early sounds of crickets hold steadfast,
a symphony of fire turning sand to glass.

How beautiful it radiates,
the​ orchestra in tune get ready for the season songs
and​ watch the garden bloom​.​


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