Your Ugliness Is Beautiful

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Your ugliness is beautiful

It’s nothing that we’re use too,
the common thoughts confuse you,
perpetuate the usual…

They shun you,
so it’s me that you run to.
I want to,
make it all better.

I can,
and I will.

I’m in love with you still…

Your ugliness,
it kills.
Brings life to the cemetery,
it’s been said already.
These thoughts get heavy.

I unload

I smile

I wonder if she wants me to stay awhile.


I peer out of the curtains,
knowing oceans away,
hearts are yearning,
felling every motion,
the waves send me.

But these human flesh are way too tempting.

Your ugliness,
was worth it.

Your ugliness is beautiful
shattered mirrors,
glass, and musicals.

Maybe it’s just some streetcar
I desired,
my mind flying over this cuckoos nest.
Listening to some fiddler,
thumb his strings on his roof top.

All of a sudden the mood drops.


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