Super Hero

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Hero worship,
transformed into Hero war-ship.
They aim their canons and blast for me,
son of krypton – Boom they, blasphemy.

we crash the sea. Societies mind,
is full of self righteous crimes.
I’m entitled to mine,
shout the sheep and the swine.

All the while,
the Sheppard stand with their staff,
pointing to the sky.
Here comes the king of the North,
he’ll come to save us all,
she’ll come to save us all.

What if the stories they told you, were false?

Who will save our soul. What SUPER HERO,
could be so bold?
Who would it be,
to burden our toll?

Every morning that I wake,
I seem to forget that face,
the one who entertains the words that come his way.

Every evening when I sleep,
I’m reminded of the sheep,
curious about the Sheppard and the stories that they speak.

I’ve never seen their face,
somehow they control the human-race,
telling them a Super Hero will come,
to take their sins away.

Sins they create,
then blame the Sheep that run away,
blame the swine for rebellious crimes,
just to cover up their lies.

I am my Super Hero, you are yours.

Free yourselves before the Sheppard lead you to slaughter.


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