Munira And The Moments That Didn’t Last.

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I’m thinking about certain moments in my life,
these moments in my past.
The moments that didn’t last.

I think about the laughter we have shared
and the way you use to toss your hair.
Tell me again about Hasan,
tell me how you broke his heart,
tell me how he broke your love,
tell me about the past,
the moments that didn’t last.

You were sweet,
a terrific christmas treat.
The connection we had made,
seems a life time away.
Seems like life has runaway
and you would be a perfect partner
to help me find it.
Too bad I am not yours,
it’s too bad I’ve been so silent.

Now I’m knocking on doors asking for a moment of your time,
a moment not so fast,
not like December fifth when we rock-band and dashed.
I want a moment that isn’t crass,
not a moment that didn’t last.

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