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Watching the world in my silent state.
I’m standing still while my surroundings elevate.
The wheels are in motion
while tunnel vision has me focused
on the Universe approaching.

The image is blurred coming up ahead.

The black hole has grown, it has encircled my soul.
I imagine I float,
aware of the noise,
still searching for my voice.

There are certainly​ light years where I seem to find it.
Some say the words are only loud when we become silent.
In mild desperation I stretch my arms out,
craving the embrace of the lights up ahead that I seem to constantly chase.

Why can’t my desires come true these days?

I’m still floating in the blackness with no sense of up,
there is no sense of down,
the noise is still strong,
each syllable is profound.

Why can’t I be seen?
What’s the meaning right now?
This space feels like an ocean,
it feels like I’m unconscious.

That’s right,
this was the space where I just drowned.
These images I’ve drawn have been with me since dawn.
My heart has been ailing, been hurting – it’s​ flawed.

I remember past friends,
my family,
my love,
and they’re gone.
I’m left with this space,
this weight,
and this song.

I should have placed my bets,
the moment I found happiness,
I should have made the sadness stretch.
It’s funny how irony works.
I knew that the future pain and​ pleasures would end,
the moment my life…

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