55 Roses Coco Ginger.

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Versace in gold.
Black Pearls from the ocean.
I’m stuck with no hope,
my heart is wide open.

My chest is a crater.
The meteor that was your kiss,
left me vulnerable,
I look into the abyss.

Coco Ginger,
loves her cinnamon.
So I created a story where all her villains live.

A house of mirrors,
stare at your reflection.
Contemplating the universe,
not understanding perfection.

On trial,
death sentence.

You’re so vile,
I hate affection.

I love your touch,
I love your crush.

Soda ready,
refresh like mountain dew.

What’s the rush?  
What’s happened to you?

Say my name,
like Beyonce asked.
Half empty or full?
Watch the hourglass.
Where does this go?
There is no end​,
the message has grown to a one word sentence.

I’ve tasted your vengeance,
I’ve known your rage.
I’ve heard your passion,

Now tell me your name.

Watch Coco

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