The Patio Memoires.

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The ultimate wind blew,
Sending gust of invisible fingers through the leaves,
it seems life could be so simple.

He needed you the most,
you remember the last time you spoke?

I’ve never seen Kwesi so vulnerable.

You told him,
you didn’t have time,
but as he sat there with your best friend,
unaware that you were texting,
unaware that your avoidance is plain.

All of a sudden the composure is the ​shame.

Are you worried that one day you won’t remember his name?
Or what if he doesn’t remember your face?

That would be a day full of shame.
Once your best friend,
now a complete stranger.

Love’s a fun race,
encased in danger.

These are just a few thoughts
he pondered sitting on the patio.

Patio Lights

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