My Complete Self.

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Remembering a dream,
only to realize,
I am still dreaming while awake.

Life is not the same
when you see beyond the smoke and mirror.
Dreams become reality,
set on the backdrop of societies novelties.

Suffering is a series of rungs
on a ladder we climb to reach our heaven.
To reach our peace of mind,
to reach our complete self.

I’m lost,
I’ve been lost,
maybe I’ve never been found.

I’ve never made a sound,
holding in my pain,
holding in the rage.

I’ve felt fear,
it’s not real.
I’ve been caged.
The life I haven’t forgiven myself for,
the family haven’t been able to love.

I’m still dysfunctional.
My tears hate me,
and my cheeks bathe in the salt stains
that leave valor tracks on my jawline.

I use to dream that this world was all mine,
I guess that was all asinine.

12 Rules For Life

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