Immortal Instruments

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I am

these memories of the past that filled me up,

Leaking out of my ducts,
chin resting on my knees,
cradling my dreams.

I’ve written about you many times,
picked out the letters from your name,
in many lines.

But the imprint is not the same as the one you etched in my heart.

I’ve immortalized you for life.

I have
Closed my eyes and wonder what the stars would be like,
on a far-off planet.

And then I see your face,
illuminated by the beautiful constellations.
You are the galaxy of my Universe.

No matter how far you are,
you will always be a part of me.

You will always be, my P.A.L
My Pretty, Awesome, Lady!

It’s funny how you drive me crazy,
But what’s a little love without​​t its phases?​

I will
Never forget your kiss,
your sweet taste from soft lips.
These days I’ve counted,
and still, ​
count on simple instants

My poetry is real,
and the love I put in them make you

the immortal instrument.

Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

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