Lovers Sinners + Fornicators.

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“Love me tonight, hate me tomorrow”
Her smile was wicked
but painted with sorrow,
she loves Cayenne.

I love her smell,
it reminds me of a time
where I am surrounded by​ sunshine
and the musk of Mother Earth,
she loves cinnamon on her tongue.

Then here come the words
“love me tonight, hate me tomorrow”

Her eyes are a blend of colors​,
radiant like the winter winds
between the pine needles of the golden forest,
she loves the smell of mint.

Her lips are the rose peddles,
Tender to a sweetness that honey envies,
she loves the magic.

“Love me tonight, and hate me tomorrow”

Say the words to end my sorrow,
fill my heart with a wish,
not hollow words that are black as pitch.

Give shelter from the abyss,
The empty stories from the myths.
See no past,
what future is.

Only say the words like this…

“Love me tonight… cause tomorrow does not exist”


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