All Along Or All Alone

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I’m not breaking hearts.
I left mine with the last girl,
waiting for her to give me hers or give mine back.

I can’t find her.
She’s lost in a sea of self-righteous
loathing of anything containing hope and…

And all along…

She/I am/We are thinking, that’s not fair.

And all along…

She will learn how to be patient
with a faceless,
unknown and strongest form of a human,
who resembles a professor – how boring.

And all along, in the end, ​
that’s all I asked of her…

The lessons we learn,
the affections we yearn.
Constantly beating on the ones we love,
begging for an ounce of the stuff
and eventually settling for a stranger.

And all along…

I’m wondering,
and all along she’s wondering,
and all along we’re wondering…

And all along…

What is it that makes Me/You/Us so

  • fcuked
  • up
    that our written profanity isn’t even correct?
    Longing for the answers.

    And all along…

    I’m wondering this all along,
    and she’s wondering this all along,
    and we’re wondering this all along…

    Now you’re wondering this…
    All alone

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