Subconscious Written by: G.jones

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I am a sinner,
I am a saint.
I am a lover,
I am the hate.

I am, lost in a momentary blur,
I communicate with phrases
because there isn’t enough in words.

I am a stranger to my friends,
I build relationships without​ knowledge.
I mend hearts when I pay homage.

Forgive me for loving,
forget that I lust.
I think of good moments,
that encased us with a touch.

I taste much, in a rush.
Savor​ sweet senses,
beautiful smells drift from lilac petals,
your hair dances on my face
and I embrace whatever is mentioned
between the barriers, ​we built with nylon fences.

I am lost,
you are the map.
I am fog,
you are the light that is cast.
I am raw,
while you remain flawless.

Hoping one day my words will heal,
stay awake from the dreams that feel,
like I’m floating,
limp and unresponsive.

But for now,
I’ll stay in my subconscious

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