Ego Driven

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I want them to love me,
like they adore your poems.
I want them to smile and wave,
Embrace me and say,
That the King is home.
I want to be the best,
there ever was.
Everything I do
needs to come forever first.

I’m going to let you finish,
just let me say this first.
If I were a song,
I would be the first and last verse.
The chorus, and the melody.
I want to be the words that set you free.

I want them to love me.

I am beautiful to you,
I am fierce as a dream.
I am fuel for your mood,
I am cruel as a thief.

I am the only love that you need!
I am the Power that conceives,
I am mind, body, control

I am…


Ego Is The Enemy

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