Claire’s Moment On Stage.

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Act 1 Scene 1

“Why don’t you love me”

Do you remember these words?
The moment our lives changed.
The instant you entered my world.

“I’m going to make you love me”

Not knowing how much words cast a spell,
I became a beast, while you remained my Belle.

I fell for you the night I walked you home,
you’ll always be a part of me like the core of my soul.

Star-crossed​ lovers,
our story is beyond the mews.
I wonder sometimes how I could have ever lived without you.
I need you now,
more than the air that I breathe.
I need you like blood or the heart it helps beat.

Say you’ll be mine,
and I’ll swear this under​​ oath,
I’ll run to the ends of the earth to make you the most;

Important thing in my life
My bride and my wife
My heaven and Hell
My morning and night

Say you’ll love me back and you have made me the happiest
In turn the world, I will hand you in a basket.

I was scared before, something I did not quite know, But I was scared before because it is you I want the most

“What was I going to do to you?”

I hadn’t thought that part out yet,
But this I know is true, Claire is where my heart is.

What out of sight

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