Winter Is Coming.

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When the lights go out,
Is when I shine the brightest.
Winds will blow,
Snow will fall,
But I will still be your highness.

Darkness is home,
Whispers bring cool chill to bones,
Pay your debts you Lannisters
Behold The game of Thrones.

Beware the Dragons flair,
The eyes of purple gems,
Kings once rode the skies to bathe within the sun,
Now all the Kings have died,
are buried in the mud.

Men and Women terrified,
We’ve vanquished all their grey joy.
We made them into Starks,
We’ve bloodied all our blades
and eaten all their hearts.

Sound the horns and warn them.
Hear the Horses running,
Direwolves support them.
But Winter still is coming!

Game of Thrones

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