Are You Awake?

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4:27 am

I haven’t heard from you in such a long time.
I didn’t think I could feel this way again…
I let my heart open up to you and my foundation is not the same.

I am not the same…
Can you hear me?
Are you awake?

4:32 am

The sweet hum of the furnace sings to me,
I wish I were asleep.
Dreaming of you and me,
maybe taking a stroll through the park on a cool winters afternoon.

Into a coffee shop,
I could hold the door and say “after you!”
Delighted as I am…
I am…
a hopeless romantic living in a fairy tale beyond Twilight

Watching your tender face as you sleep,
leaving a soft kiss on your cheek.
Are you awake?
Wondering what the world will look like when the sun rises,
a mystery linked to destiny…

Winter is here!

4:45 am

The furnace hum is strong, I hear footsteps upstairs.
There is no one home,
all the lights have been turned off.
I know now what I knew all along.

Yet I hoped I would be wrong,
I wish I knew the lyrics to this song.
The beat goes on…

I am not awake,
I haven’t been for so long.
I want you to come back,
wake me up from this world.
Take me away to a far off place,
where the stars will remember my name.

Gabriel Jones

Long Live the Queen

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