Midnight Oil Paintings

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Fluorescent lights flicker in my darkroom,
Shadows bounced​ off the walls keeping me company
as the second hand on the clock crawls.

Sanity has left me RIGHT where I sit,
so I put these words together
in hopes, you can help me make sense.

Madness unknown to most,
like I’m the only one alive
while everyone else is a ghost.

The Distillery image is historic;
I suppose the history is what we hold on to.

I love the fiction behind the facts,
the truth is.

I’m burning the mid-night Oil
watching the smoke rise into my eyes;
it’s the only time that I cry.
Sad isn’t it?

I have been away far too long,
it’s been awhile since we last spoke,
so I hope you don’t hold on to the last notes that I wrote.

The language we speak isn’t the same,
pretending to be friends but you’ve forgotten my name.
If it wasn’t for dreams you would have forgotten my face.

Heavenly father, ​
I have fallen from grace,
a sinner on earth from
the midnight​ oil we taste.

Judith Ann Miller

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