How Much You Truly Mean To Me.

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Sometimes I don’t know if I say the right things.

If it’s the right thought,
If it’s the right response,
If it’s anything.

Sometimes​ I wonder what it would be like,

If you could see my thoughts,
If you could hear my heart,
If you knew you touched my soul.

Sometimes I don’t write poems because I feel like,

If I did write you would be like,
You are way too soft.

But I​ write because it’s the only thing that makes me strong.

Thinking of you ​has made me from,
the fragile crumb,
to the whole cake,
I’m in a whole state.

Who knew this was the pastry that your love makes?

I write when you are asleep,
hoping each word will kiss your cheek.
Hoping each word will let you see,

How much you truly mean to me.

Romeo & Juliet

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