Darkness My Only Friend

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Midnight​ approaches,
I have fallen asleep and all of a sudden,
Images take over me.

Exposing me to my true nature,
I haven’t cried in a long time,
but I’ve watched many tears roll down your cheeks.

I’ve heard many sobs through phone speaks.
It’s 3:00am and I’m awake, sleep was short.
I’m still in a daze.
You are not beside me, my bed is too small for two.

You say these words “I need to get over you”
I say “I understand”

No one notices the ​words that play,
it’s funny how life works this way.

I’ll love forever,
with you especially in mind,
I love you now,
and until the end of​ time.

It’s 6:30am soon the light approaches,
that’s when darkness goes away and then,
this side of the world awakes.

That’s when my friends leave,
I beg them to stay,
but it seems December deeds
won’t leave me astray.

Friends come and go
says the light to the shade

Dark Hour

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