A Beautiful Poem Lost Strangers

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Occasionally the daze energy,
is a strange entity.
Head clouded in a misty fog,
essentially the image is frost.

Cold pictures diluted in a crisp haze,
Suddenly you’re a ghost on a packed bus,
staring out the window,
reminiscing about a past crush.

Then all of a sudden,
Marlee comes to push my on button.

Life springs back into my soul,
from first dance we have jumped a​ la mode.

Come back! There is so much more we haven’t shared,
but expose my heart I do not dare.

I am scared,
afraid of the pain from the ancient days.
I hold back certain things
that would rearrange our fates.

Just in case we reach a state,
a beautiful place where I can read your face.

Here is a note you must review,
my heart is missing but I have some clues.
I saw it last in the hands of a raven,
just as I came home she was escaping.


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