Lessons in Fearlessness

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Heart beats,
sweat beads rolling down your cheeks.
Stare death in the face,
tell her to take a seat,
she’s too late.

It’s a total eclipse,
time is high noon,
no rainfall​ – but there is still a monsoon

the open imagination is hopeless.
Trapped in a world where poetry is my only devotion.
Set me free,
watch me dream a story of Kings.

Courage drapes me like a blanket,
fear grips me like a noose.
Heart of a lion,
the spirit of Zeus.

Canons preloaded,
give the orders to shoot.

Prepare for glory, equipped for war.
Stage set for battle, legacy is born.

Kingdom of eternity,
heavenly father forgiveness has deserted me.
Give me shelter from my grief.

Watch the Warrior


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