A Star Named Zuri

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Melody flowing,
Let us not forget,
Musical emotions,
That’s how this notes been writ.

Literature enclosed in,
Poetic explosions,
Your songs are all that save me.
Fly like a bird,
Watch the Robins escaping.

Falling stars,
Shoot from mars,
beautiful colors painted,
Imagining what your canvas is like.

A light that is white,
Meet the hew that is blue,
Synergy formed,
A journey ensues.

Travel across light years,
Bring us to a day that’s new,
Sing a song they might hear,
A future that’s quite clear.

A star that shines like you,
Is a star that has the right tune,
Like the swan that has the right swoon,
The perfect kiss on​ the right moon.

Love Songs

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