What Is Your Inspiration?

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Thinking on a frontier beyond light years,
gazing into the sky.
Wondering playful thoughts,
whispering who am I?

Questioning – thought-provoking moments of endearment,
and all of a sudden your life story motivates me to create,
and I use these words to escape.

I run away without moving my legs,
but my pen seems to run out of ink.
My stories unfold – revealing dreams that come true,
dreams with me and you and us.

There is laughter light-hearted passionate lust.
No moments of sadness, that’s tyrannical and unjust.
Leave that for the heathen.

Thinking of​ the moments beyond poetry,
beyond words, beyond emotion seas.
Swimming for the sandy beaches,​
a vacation from these crafty creatures.

When you cry I’m not happy either,
so I use these moments
to​ deceive my opponents
and​ feed them scraps like seagulls​.

Does that make me a villain?
Using my experience for the emotions written.
Forgive me if I offend,
but inspiration is a nervous friend looking for the right push.
There’s a bird on a cliff now,


Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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