The Sweetest Melody And A Sip Of CoCo.

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Sing to me, the sweetest melody.
Make my heart smile, gently, caress my soul.
Never let me go, I am forever ingrained,
like the stars in the sky, on a clear blue night.

You keep my thoughts warm,
cherish the moments we share,
a kiss, from the deepest wish,
make my dreams come true.

I soar, flying on eagle​ wings,
soft lips, I adore you like love,
become my muse. Sweetest, Sweetness,
you’re the perfect thesis.

Embrace me for a lifetime, I need this.
Your name is music to my ears,
I want to play the melody for years.
But I will settle for one moment,
one glance, pulse racing,
sweat beads down my forehead.

Will you give me this dance?
Nervous, but bold, stand firm,
give me your hand to hold.
The moment I’ve been living for,
I feel I could die from joy.

Once a man, but this love has made me a young pup.
I would lick the tenderness of your fingertips​,
frosted with a delicious mix.

Give me milk and CoCo.

Coco Chanels Secret

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