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Want, need, yearn, plead.
Give me ecstasy!

Give me a taste,
not just a little,
that wouldn’t be enough.

When you’re gone,
I am anxious,
I think about you,
in every fashion.

When you’re gone,
I sustain myself with thoughts of you,
smiling to myself.

I can’t live without you,
I won’t die without you either,
you’re my soulmate,
I want, and I need you.

Believe me,
strong desires to go on,
but our love is just so strong,
it keeps pulling me back.

When you say, ‘No thank you… It’s ok’.

I know you’re trying to be nice,
I won’t go away.

I’m stuck with you,
and you’ve stuck with​ me.

I need you more than ever,
sometimes I can’t breathe.

Sometimes I can’t eat, oh please save me.

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